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Buy goods in Spain with favorable terms

Envio:ES - a reliable service that provides a virtual address for independent purchases and assistance in the purchase of goods in online stores in Spain and Europe, as well as a range of services for the delivery of purchased goods

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase goods in Spain at competitive prices !!!
Shopping with Envio:ES is convenient and profitable
European stores do not deliver goods to other countries outside the EU. Also, stores will not optimize the size and weight of your parcels to save on shipping. When buying, you can always have questions that need to be resolved with stores, and this takes time. Stores can send defective goods, which then will be difficult to return or exchange.
Envio:ES takes care of all the solutions to these problems.
Why is it profitable to buy in Spain
Buying in Spain is profitable due to seasonal discounts and sales. Regular discounts and sales with a benefit of up to 80%. A large number of outlets and online sites with collections of global and local brands.
Most stores have online platforms for selling their goods. Free country delivery is often provided within 1-3 days from the date of purchase.
New collections appear in Spain on the day of their official presentation. No need to wait for months for their appearance in your city and at prices 3 times higher.
Why it is convenient to work with Envio:ES
No hidden fees
We do not charge any hidden fees for using our service
Personal address in Spain
You will have your own unique address for receiving purchased goods
Product failure check
Depending on the tariff, the goods are checked for defects or mechanical damage
Warehouse storage
All our tariffs allow you to store your purchases for the first 20 days for free
Customs assistance
Preparation of necessary documents for goods for customs clearance
Customer account
Full and detailed control of all purchases and sent packages

2 500 clients from 12 countries have already made their choice

The quality of our service is marked by many positive reviews from our customers
We are constantly improve and optimize our service, making it more profitable and convenient for customers
For our regular customers we always offer advantageous offers and discounts on delivery
We are constantly in touch with our customers and support them on all issues
You do not need to understand the settings in your account. Everything is as convenient and automated as possible
Automated algorithm for calculating the optimal parcel size to save on delivery
Feedback from our clients
Super. The parcel reached Moscow in 18 days!
Delivery to Perm
Thank you for safely packing the purchased porcelain. I did not regret that I paid extra for improved packaging. You are best
Alexandra B.
Delivery to Elektrostal
The package was delayed a little due to the situation with the covid, but still relatively quickly. Delivery was to Minsk.
Alexey Gorn
Delivery to Minsk
Received my package at Boxberry. From Germany to russia, the package went faster than from Spain to Germany! but anyway hold 5.0
Delivery to Chelyabinsk
I have been using your service for the second time and both times delivery, packaging and service were at their best. Thanks for the work
Delivery to Moscow
All quickly received. Vyborg
Delivery to Vyborg

Your personal address in Spain and personal shopping assistant in Europe

So, you get the address in Spain for delivery and order any goods in any quantity. In Spain, it is always clothing and shoes, accessories and electronics, as well as cosmetics and gastronomy! You can always send us links to products that you would like to receive and we will do everything for you.

We’ll check the availability of the product, redeem it, securely pack it and send it to your home address. You can order goods from different stores and at different times. We store purchases for free up to 45 days and combine them into one package - absolutely free.

Follow the current promotions and discounts in our social networks. Daily stock updates and examples of the best Spanish products.

What else you need to know about Envio:ES

No fees on payments
Most services will charge you up to 3.5% commission on each payment.
We do not take any commissions.
No fees from payments
Clear delivery rates
All tariffs for delivery of parcels are on the official websites of transport
Open shipping rates
Tariffs package services
All our tariffs allow you to send packages and receive a full
range of services.
Full-Service Rates
Envio:ES - your personal shopping address in Spain
We will combine purchases - you will save on shipping
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