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What is customs and do I need to pay for it

Customs is easy!

Any goods passing through the border are subject to customs control for prohibited goods, as well as payment of customs duties, depending on the types of goods imported and the requirements of the country to which they are delivered.

In the case of postal shipments, to facilitate customs clearance and because of the huge number of parcels, there are exemptions in customs regulations. Usually this is a simplified passage if your parcel does not exceed the limits set in your country.

Of course, this does not cancel the obligation on the part of the sender to fill out all the necessary documents and EnvioES provides such a service absolutely free of charge in all of its tariff packages.
Customs limits in demand directions
How can I pay for customs?
Postal transfer upon receipt at the Post Office of Russia
The fee can only be paid in cash with a commission of 4-5% for a postal transfer (the size of the commission differs in different regions). To pay the fee, citizens of the Russian Federation need to bring a Tax ID and a passport with them to the Post Office, and for citizens of other countries a passport of a foreign citizen.
On the website of the FTS upon delivery by private carriers
At the request of the FTS, carriers request data for declaration from the buyer and transfer them to the customs registry. When the goods are in Russia at customs, the buyer will receive a message stating that they need to pay the fee. Customs will not release the parcel until they see the payment. Additionally, you will need to pay a customs fee of 250 rubles. and possibly a commission.
Through a personal account or on the website of the Russian Post
By registering on the Russian Post website and downloading the online application, you can receive a notification of your parcels online and immediately pay by the link from the letter or in the mobile application without commission. It does not matter when you do this - as soon as you receive a notification, or in a few days.
You can pay the fee at the office upon receipt. But for this you will need to pay an additional fee, as well as present either the Tax ID, if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, or a passport of a foreign citizen.
Please pay attention that some categories of products are prohibited from international postage. We recommend that you carefully read the list of such products, and in case of questions or contact support.
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