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Delivery of packages anywhere in the world

We offer our customers package delivery through Correos, Spain's national postal service. Due to the large number of cargoes sent, Correos provides prompt assistance in accompanying and supporting our service.

Currently, we provide a choice of four types of items that provide the same reliability of delivery from Spain to anywhere in the world, but differ in the delivery period, size and weight of the parcels.
Volumetric weight - the estimated value that reflects the density of the cargo, is considered based on the size of the parcel

Actual weight - the weight of the parcel obtained by weighing it. The approximate weight of the goods is available on the page >>>
Transport companies share cargo by weight

This is divided so as not to carry light goods in large boxes or vice versa heavy in a small package. When calculating the cost of delivery, the transport company compares the volume and actual weight of one parcel and calculates the cost based on a larger value.
The formula for calculating volumetric weight:

(Length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm)) / 6000 = Volumetric weight (kg)
This means that if you want to send a large teddy bear that weighs 2 kg and fits in a box of
50cm * 50cm * 50cm (width * height * length), the transport company will calculate the cost of departure as follows:
1. Actual weight = 2 kg
2. Bulk weight = (50 cm * 50 cm * 50 cm) / 6000 = 20.8 kg
3. The bulk weight is more than the actual one, so the transport company will calculate the cost of delivery of the parcel at 20.8 kg
Typically, this applies to items in large gift boxes, children's toys in boxes, and even light shoes in large boxes.
We do not charge an additional delivery fee, it is calculated at the current tariffs of transport companies, which you can easily check on the official websites
The following types of shipments are available to you
The fastest and most reliable way through EMS delivery. The courier will bring your parcel to your home.

— Size: L + H + W <2000mm, L <1050mm
— Max. weight: 30 000g. (30kg)
The longest type of delivery to the post office than Premium tariff

— Size: L + H + W <2000mm, L <1050mm
— Max. weight: 20 000g. (20kg)
Fast delivery of light and non-bulk packages in bulk
more than 2 kg

— Size: L + H + W <900mm, L <600mm
— Max. weight: 2 000g. (2kg)
Premium / Economic / Light tariffs for delivery to Russia
Favorable delivery
Favorable delivery of goods and parcels

More weight - more profitable delivery

It is always more profitable to send packages of greater weight. With an increase in the weight of the parcel, the cost of 1kg decreases significantly
Consolidation saves money
Transport companies charge a fee for each parcel separately, so always combine products in one box
Less volume - more savings
At the request of customers, we always remove excess and volume packaging from the goods, thereby reducing the volume of the package
Favorable delivery of goods and parcels
Calculate shipping cost
If you are interested in the exact calculation of the delivery of a particular product, send us the name of the product, its weight and, if possible, dimensions, as well as the country of delivery
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