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General issues
What do I get after registering with Envio:ES?
After registration you will receive your own unique address in Spain. Now you can order goods from online stores, outlets and online sites in Spain. A personal address can only be used to deliver goods! It is FORBIDDEN to use the received address as the address for payment!
Do I need to submit any documents to start using the service?
To use the service, we do not require confirmation of any documents. The only convincing request for our customers to fill out correctly and reliably their name, delivery address, as well as contact information (email, phone). This information will be needed to send and receive packages.
Are there any restrictions on using the service?
We have no significant restrictions on the use of the service. The general requirement for all customers is to use their personal data both to pay for goods in online stores and to provide reliable data about themselves and the delivery address so that there are no difficulties in receiving parcels and paying customs payments in case of their occurrence.
I do not want to give anyone my personal data. Is it a problem?
We do not share the personal data of our customers with third parties. The accuracy of the information you provide contributes to the successful delivery and quick receipt of your purchases. We do not check the information you provide and ship the goods to the addresses you specify and to the customer’s name, which is indicated in our system.
What else could be useful for your service?
Envio: ES company provides services for the purchase of goods in Spain and their further delivery to the buyer. We buy goods on behalf of the client, and also provide him with all the necessary support and infrastructure for independent purchases (physical delivery address, storage location, packaging and maintenance at all stages of delivery). We also carry out fulfillment (storage, repackaging, sale) of goods in Spain.
The process of buying and receiving goods at Envio:ES warehouse
How to buy in foreign stores?
All online stores in Spain require a physical address for delivery of goods. As a rule, it should be located in Spain. You make all purchases on your own, personally paying for them in online stores. We do not require a commission depending on the value of the goods. All you need to do is indicate your unique delivery address upon purchase. We will do the rest for you.
How do I know that my purchase came to a warehouse in Spain?
Each customer receives a unique delivery address. As soon as the goods arrive at the warehouse, the system automatically determines the customer at this address. After that, you will see your purchases in your account.
Do you return the purchased goods back to the store?
Yes, at the request of the client, we return the goods received to the warehouse no later than 14 calendar days after receipt. The cost of this service is 15.00€ and it must be paid by the customer on the invoice until the return. If the time limit is exceeded, the return of purchased goods is not made.
Do you divide parcels into separate products?
Yes, we share. All the goods you bought are displayed in your account in accordance with the documents attached to the purchase. You can form several packages by dividing your purchases. Please note that we do not share purchases by article, color, etc. For example, we cannot divide 10 identical T-shirts into 5 red t-shirts with the size “L” and 5 green ones with the size “M”. The request to treat this requirement with understanding, in order to avoid errors in a complete set.
Is delivery to your warehouse free?
As a rule, delivery at stores is paid, even within Spain. Depending on the amount of the order, the shipping cost is reduced or completely zeroed. This usually happens when the order amount is over 50,00 €, but it depends on each individual store. But if, nevertheless, a delivery fee in Spain is inevitable, then you need to focus on shipping costs from 5 € to 10 €.
Work with your purchases
How do you determine that this is my purchase?
Each customer’s delivery address is unique. As soon as the purchased goods arrive at our warehouse, the system automatically determines the customer and sends all the information about the purchased goods to your personal account.
What happens to my purchase when it enter the warehouse?
As soon as your purchases arrive at the warehouse, we determine their weight and size. This is necessary for accurate calculation of the minimum required package packaging, as this is what significantly saves your money. Then all the information gets into the client’s personal account, and the goods are waiting for the formation of the parcel to be sent.
All products are displayed in my personal account. What to do next?
Once all your purchases have arrived at your address and are displayed in your account, you can form a parcel from them to be sent. Our system will automatically calculate the optimal package size, and in case of exceeding the permissible transport restrictions (exceeding the size and weight of the parcel) will form for you two or more parcels with optimal parameters.
Can I send each item in a separate package to different addresses?
Yes. You can add as many addresses for delivery as you want, and you can also create an unlimited number of packages.
What will happen if I order goods prohibited for transportation or exceeding the permissible sizes?
If you intend to purchase goods and doubt that they may not be delivered to your address, we recommend that you contact our support team at Additionally, you can always focus on the official list of goods prohibited for shipment. All goods prohibited for shipment will not be accepted at the warehouse and clarification with the stores for refunds will be on the client's side.
Can I ask someone I know to bring you a parcel to send to another country?
We do not accept shipments from individuals. Write to us in advance and we will try to accept your goods. To receive goods, we need a copy of the sender's documents and a list of goods with a specified value. Prohibited items will not be accepted!
Work with your packages
How can I reduce the cost of sending my package?
You do not have to do anything. This is our job. The main criteria that affect the cost of delivery are the size and weight of the items. We cannot influence the weight of your purchases, but we calculate the parcel size automatically based on the size of your purchases. That is why you do not overpay for "air" in the boxes.
Very expensive delivery. Do you make money on me?
All shipments are calculated at the official tariffs of transport and postal companies. You can always check the cost of delivery on the official website of the Correos postal service.
Can I add all products in one package?
Yes, you can add all products in one package. But you need to remember that transport companies have restrictions on weight (as a rule, this is not more than 30 kg) and on the size of parcels. In case of exceeding these indicators, our system will divide your package into two or more.
What tariff should I choose and why?
We have a single tariff for all our services. Each client is equally dear and valuable to us, therefore the cost of our services depends only on the weight of the parcel, since we also value the work of our employees and the time they spend on collecting parcels of greater volume and weight.
How do I form a package?
As soon as your purchased product arrives at the warehouse, it is displayed in your account. You will see the weight, size and value of the received purchases. Immediately after this, you can send these goods to form the package. You can form a parcel from an unlimited number of products. The parcel will be formed with optimal dimensions and weight to optimize the cost of departure.
Shipping questions
How do I know where is my package?
After you have formed the package in your personal account, it is sent for packaging and then the transport company picks it up. Further, the transport company assigns the package a track number and it immediately appears in the status of the package in your account. You can constantly see where your package is.
What is the delivery time?
Timing depends on the selected delivery rate and destination. All transport companies pay special attention to parcels that are sent at more expensive tariffs. The difference in delivery times may vary from one day to several weeks. On average, for delivery from Spain to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus should focus on a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
Where will my package go?
The package is delivered to the post office or by courier to your home address. It all depends on the type of delivery.
Do I need to pay something at customs?
In any country, there are customs tariffs for receiving mail. Basically, they depend on the cost of the package and its weight. The cost of a parcel consists of the cost of the goods included in it. In case of requirements for payment of customs payments, you will need to first pay them and only after that you can get your package. You can find customs limits and duties for some countries here.
Do you solve issues and difficulties at customs?
We are not a customs broker. We prepare all the necessary supporting documents and fill out a declaration to successfully pass the customs control of your parcel. We are not responsible for knowingly false information provided by the client. Therefore, we kindly ask you to provide reliable information about the recipient of the parcel, and also not to try to order goods from the categories prohibited for transportation to your address in Spain.
Questions on getting
Where and how to receive a parcel?
All parcels come either to the nearest post office of the Russian Federation, or by courier to your home address. It all depends on the type of delivery you choose.
What documents are needed to receive the parcel?
Receipt of a parcel always requires an identity document of the recipient. If necessary, pay customs duties upon receipt, an additional Tax ID of the recipient may be required. That is why we ask you to accurately indicate in your personal account of the EnvioES service your personal data, as well as your full name, phone and email for communication and the full delivery address with an index.
The package is spoiled, what should I do?
Before receiving and signing the notice in the mail, carefully inspect the package. It should be intact, without signs of opening and obvious damage. If significant damage to the package is detected, it is necessary in the presence of the head of the post office to open the parcel and check the availability and quality of the goods enclosed in accordance with the attached invoice. If no problems are found, sign a notice. In case of violations, it is necessary to draw up an act with a list of comments and comments on violations. The same procedure applies when a courier receives a parcel at his home address.
Do you need any money upon receipt?
If the customs limits are exceeded in terms of the value or weight of the parcel, payment of customs duties will be required before receipt. The customs duty can be paid by postal order at the post office upon receipt (4-5% commission for postal order). You can also pay in cash at the post office, but be sure to present the Tax ID and passport of the Russian Federation (10% commission). The easiest way is to pay the fee in the Russian Post mobile application. There is no commission for this method of payment. You can find out all the information about the need to pay the duty on the tracking page of your parcel on the Russian Post website or in the mobile application.
How long is the package kept in the mail?
The shelf life of domestic and international parcels, EMS items, bulky mail, postal orders and written correspondence, as well as small packages is 30 days.
Questions about service
Where to write if something does not work?
In case of technical errors, please let us know by e-mail: or ask a question to our online operators. We will solve your problem promptly in the shortest possible time.
Any suggestions for cooperation or improving the service?
If you have ideas on how to improve our service or you can offer your services that will help us take better care of our customers, as well as if you have another commercial offer, just write to us at Do not be shy and do not be afraid to leave your contact information so that we can phone you and discuss everything as quickly as possible.
And if I have questions about purchases or tariffs?
As in the case of questions and suggestions, we are pleased to answer all your questions through our online managers, as well as answer your questions at Please note that before writing questions to us you can familiarize yourself with all the information on the site. Perhaps after studying the site you can find the answer to your question without our help. Well, if you still didn’t succeed, be sure to contact!
What are your plans for developing the service?
In addition to the retail area of mail forwarding parcels, our company has work with legal entities with whom we work to supply large quantities of goods. In the retail sector, in the near future we plan to develop in other EU countries, primarily in Italy and Germany. We are also looking for partners to develop our service. Therefore, if you have a desire to manage your own mail forward business, we will be happy to talk with you and help you start your business based on our experience and our own software.
Where to complain?
You can send all your questions, complaints, wishes and recommendations to a single box for support: All your letters, including complaints, will go directly to the head of the company and we will answer any questions and criticisms.
Questions about shopping in Spain
What can I buy in Spain?
First of all, these are clothes, shoes and accessories. Spain has a very large and demanded market and therefore all European, world and local brands are widely represented. Moreover, due to the fact that the standard of living in Spain is slightly lower than the more affluent EU countries, the prices of goods here are much lower. That is why shopaholics from all over Europe come to Spain to shop. Moreover, in Spain there are a lot of stock warehouses and outlets with clothes and clothing, which additionally attracts wholesale buyers from Eastern Europe.
Can I order food, alcohol, cosmetics or perfumes?
Alcohol is expressly prohibited. Concerning the purchase of cosmetics and perfumes, it is better to seek advice from our managers in advance, as there are some features in the types of perfumes that can “deploy” to the border. Food - it is not forbidden to send, but you must understand that the food must be in its original packaging. In any case, if you have doubts about what products and how they are delivered, it is best to consult with our managers.
Can you give any discounts or make purchases cheaper?
Yes, we have in many stores additional discounts that we get from the volume of purchases. Additionally, we can redeem goods for you and make a discount on them, due to the VAT refund when shipped outside the EU.
I do not understand anything in Spanish stores. Can I give you a link, but you will buy for me?
Yes of course. You can leave a request for the redemption of goods in your personal account. Our specialists will contact stores, check availability and agree on possible discounts. After confirming the availability of the selected product, in your account you will be able to replenish the account for the purchase. As soon as purchases are redeemed, they will be delivered to the warehouse and displayed in your account. Then you can form and send the package.
Can you order goods from stores in other countries to your Spanish address?
We demand to inform us of the reason for using your address in Spain for purchases in online stores from other countries. If the goods arrived at your address without notice, then these goods will not be delivered to the warehouse and coordination with the seller regarding the issue of money back and payment for return delivery will be on the client side.
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