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How our service works

Our service allows you to shop like a real European.

You will have an address in Spain for the delivery of purchased goods.

As soon as they arrive at this address, you will immediately see them in your account.

Make an unlimited number of purchases and send them in one package.

All your purchases can be stored in stock absolutely free up to 45 days.

Everything is extremely simple and automated
To make it even more clear, we have clearly described for you the entire client path from the choice of goods to their receipt
Get the address
Get the address
Register to receive your address
for parcels in Spain
Make purchases
Make purchases
When shopping in online stores, indicate your address in Spain in the delivery address
Expect arrivals
Expect arrivals
Your orders will arrive in 1-3 days to an address in Spain and you will see them in your account
Form a package
Form a package
Choose orders for delivery and the system will form a parcel with the optimal size
Accept purchases
Accept purchases
Immediately after payment, your purchases are collected and sent to you, for a period of 1-4 weeks
This is how it will look inside
Intuitive interface for working with goods and parcels
Detailed product description
All detailed information about goods will be available to you: size, weight, cost, date and time of receipt. Additionally, photos of the goods and all payment documents will be displayed
Detailed costing
At each stage of the formation of the parcel there will be a detailed explanation of the cost of delivery and the tariff package, as well as the cost of additional services
Parcel status Information
After the parcel is formed, you will receive a track number to track the stages of delivery. Additionally, the status of the package will change in your personal account
Our service will automatically determine the weight of the
goods and will calculate the optimal layout of the package to minimize shipping costs
Stop watching, it's time to try
Register and start buying in comfort and profit
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