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Joint purchases

It is very simple to buy in Europe if you work with a reliable intermediary

The advantages of joint purchases
Benefits of joint purchases

Prices in Europe are several times lower

A huge market for manufacturers, weekly collections from famous brands and seasonal sales allow you to buy goods at huge discounts.
You can make good money
Organizers of joint purchases know how is important to organize the purchase of goods in demand and at the same time minimize ops costs
You can buy rare and unique items
Most Spain goods will never reach your city. Organizing purchases through intermediaries will allow you to buy goods already at the start of the sale of goods in Spain
Benefits of joint purchases
List of goods - in the personal account of our service you can send a description and product links in a simple text file

Separate items - you can fill out an application with individual product links. So you’ll get the final cost of the joint purchase faster
It is easy to make an application for purchase of goods

Do not want to register and fill out forms in stores, just send us links to products and we will create your joint venture for you.

The cost and availability of each product, as well as the cost of delivery from the store to warehouse will be displayed in account
What are the advantages of working with us?
Joint purchases with us are profitable
0 %
Commission on the cost of goods
0 %
Card payment fee
0 %
Packaging fee
Average service price for 1 JP
Let's compare with a specific example
As they say: trust, but verify!
Let's do it!

Compare on a joint purchase of 20 things weighing 5 kg and a total value of 500€. Shipping cost in Russia 47€
Envio:ES service

Total: 14€
Service commission on the cost of goods - 0% (0€)
Card payment fee - 0% (0€)
Packaging and preparation of documents - 0% (0€)
Service cost - 14€
Third party service

Total: 60,2€
Service commission on the cost of goods - 10% (50€)
Fee for card payment - 1.5% (500€ * 1.5% + 47€ * 1.5% = 8.2€)
Packaging and preparation of documents - 2 €
Your benefit on only one joint purchase - 46,2€
It’s better to immediately buy new sneakers for this money!
Want to compare our prices with other intermediaries?
Send links to the goods you want to buy and their quantity, and we will send you an accurate calculation of the cost of a joint purchase
Product, quantity and place of delivery
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