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Goods prohibited for shipment

It is not allowed to ship the following goods in international mail that are prohibited for shipment in accordance with the acts of the Universal Postal Union (Article 18 of the Universal Postal Convention), as well as certain requirements of transport companies.

When purchasing goods and for subsequent successful shipment outside the European Union, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of types of goods prohibited for shipment for all categories of shipments.

We cannot forward these goods to the addresses of third parties, we can only return them to the store. Additionally, according to the requirements of law enforcement agencies, goods prohibited for shipment must be detained by us for a period of at least 90 days.

Forbidden to ship:

1. Drugs and psychotropic substances, in accordance with the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB)

2. Obscene or immoral subjects

3. Counterfeit and pirated items

4. Items that, by their nature or packaging, may constitute a danger to postal workers or the public, may stain or spoil other items, postal equipment, or property of a third party

5. Documents of the nature of current and personal correspondence exchanged between persons who are not the sender and recipient, or persons living with them

6. Dangerous goods, explosive devices, and ammunition, as well as toxic substances:
· Grenades, shells, and other similar objects, as well as imitations of such devices and objects
· Electronic cigarettes and liquids for them
· Airbags
· Batteries and accumulators
· Mercury thermometers, dry ice, radioactive materials

7. Any products marked with fire hazard, toxicity, and flammability:
· Fireworks, sparklers, matches, and other pyrotechnics
· Products containing fuel, gasoline, aerosols, and sprays
· Alcohol-based perfumes (allowed only on an oil basis)
· Nail polishes, eau de toilette, paints, bleaches, and adhesives

8. Animals and plants (including seeds and fertilizers), as well as bees, leeches, worms, and exterminating harmful insects

9. Coins, banknotes, credit cards or any bearer valuables, traveler's checks, platinum, gold or silver in articles or in their raw form, gems, jewelry, and precious goods, cultural property

10. Correspondence exchanged between other persons than the sender and the addressee or persons living with them

11. Objects and goods of military or near war purposes:
· Any types of weapons (parts thereof), cartridges for them (parts thereof), products structurally similar to civilian and official weapons (including airsoft guns), optical or any other types of sights, knives (including kitchen), crossbows, bows
· First-aid kits, gas masks, bags, pouches, weapons tools, and products for reloading cartridges
· Military electronics, radar equipment, radars, transmitters, receivers, navigation equipment for ships and aircraft, thermal imagers, night vision cameras, walkie-talkies

12. Payment cards, lottery tickets, securities, passports, driver’s licenses, and identity cards

13. Tobacco and alcoholic products: ethyl alcohol, beer, smoking mixtures

14. Industrial products: industrial equipment and its various parts, controllers, control units, microcircuits, etc.

15. Goods subject to rapid spoilage (food products without factory packaging, including meat and sausage products)

16. Cosmetics (perfumes, nail polish removers, and other products containing liquefied gases and alcoholic liquids)

If you have questions related to the possibility of sending any goods, before making a purchasing decision, we recommend that you contact our support team where you can always get help
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