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We deliver any goods

We carry out transportation both in our own fleet and in the transport of our reliable partners. In the case of a large number of applications from the client, we only attract trusted carriers to complete the order. We are ready to provide transportation of any number of applications!
Delivery of any goods by our own and partner transport
Delivery to Spain and Germany
We ourselves carry large volumes to Germany and are looking for partners to fill the transport
We have our own transport
Weekly we ship an average of up to 1 ton of packages from Spain to Germany. Shipping cost of actual weight: 2,5€ per kg. If the cargo weight is less than 167 kg per cubic meter transportation is carried out by volumetric weight.
We will find partners
Do you need to send oversized, groupage cargo or do you carry out regular delivery in Spain or other EU countries?
We will help you find local carriers and agree on the terms of cooperation.
If you have special shipping requirements
Special delivery terms
To manufacturers and suppliers
To manufacturers and suppliers
Do you produce or deliver goods to client, but don't want to spend money on your own transport and engage in logistics tasks? We'll help you!
Specific delivery terms
Specific delivery terms
Does your product require strict adherence to temperature conditions? We will help you find partners with special vechicles.
Development of own logistics
Development of own logistics
Do you have your own transport and want to receive additional delivery orders? Contact us and we will include you in the list of our partners!
Special delivery terms
Leave the coordinates and we will contact you
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